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Upcoming Events​

Lucidity Festival April 12 - 15 2013

Located at Live Oak Park in beautiful Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara, this festival of music, art and life is one of our favorites! Come join Tony Koehl and I under our oak tree for a casual casbah of art and live painting. We're going to make it comfortable for you, so come and hang with us!

Distorted Perception: A Night witht he ARTS at Olystis Studios 

January 12 2013

Welcome to Olystis Music & Productions second Distorted Perception ART Night! We have a lot of events at Olystis but are very excited about this one because it gives us a chance to showcase lots of our friends ARTwork and talents other than music. So the studio's going to be filled with all kinds of cool new stuff on the walls, some DJ's will be spinning rock/metal/punk/post punk/you name it vinyls all day, we're gonna have another HUGE blank canvas outside that everyone can paint throughout the day, PLUS t
he days gonna be closed out by musical act THE CHUCK DUKOWSKI SEXTET!!

LA Opera February 8 2013

Salon Artastique will be performing at a private party for the LA Opera. 

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