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Salon Artastique

Salon Artastique is a niche entertainment company designed to enhance large, high-end events. We bring world class artists to create masterworks live, on the spot, right before your eyes. Inspired and supported by elegant muses our team not only adds tremendous value to the ambience of the evening, often these evenings are charitable events thus through the sale of their jaw dropping art we also bring in significant contributions to your cause.

Every thought is an act of creation and every creation is a product of the thoughts that forged it.

We are committed to a world fulfilled through art and philanthropy and we lay our brushes like swords at your service. For we believe that art can help save the world, because a world without art is not worth saving.

We offer several levels of service custom designed for your particular event. Please contact Brittany Nelson at 508-579-6806 or Dave Zaboski at 818-445-8500 to arrange a consultation to determine how we can serve you.

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