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The Family of the Va'a

This was a documentary about a disparate group of paddlers who mounted a trip around the outlying Hawaiian Islands as a way to reconnect to their ancestors. I was commissioned to bring some spirit to the project through the opening and the interstitials. (I was an Animator at Disney Studios for years. This is not Disney animation. This is more experimental.)

Family of the Va'a Opening

We animated a drawing I created for Maui Magazine dealing with the Hawaiian sacred document called the "Kumolipo."

"You can only feel it."

This was an interstitial dealing with a voice over of one of the participants. Sound starts a couple seconds in so wait for it.


This was a test to reveal the drawing at the end of the movie. No sound on this.

This is a drawing of the sacred text of the Hawaiians called the Kumolipo. It is the teachings of light from the darkness and is an evolutionary story of the entire history of the Hawaiian Island and life in the Universe.


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